Moviediva, Jr.

This part of the website is Moviediva, Jr written by a 14 year old teenager with reviews of my favorite movies and stars as well as some movies I am not so fond of.

When I first started writing Moviediva, Jr. I was a 11 year old kid now I am 14 and my likes and dislikes are changing rapidly. When I first started this page my favorite movies were ones with Marilyn Monroe, now althrough I still love her, my favorite type of movie at the moment are Bollywood movies. Then three years ago I loved flapper dresses more than any other type of clothing now I love 60s dresses after being inspired by the new movie Down With Love (it's really good you should go see it!). In a few weeks my tastes will have changed again because a teenager can never make up her mind.


Bye, Bye Birdie (Photo of Ann-Margaret)

Champagne for Caesar (Photo of Colman and Holm)

The Gang's All Here (Carmen Miranda paper dolls by moviediva, jr.and, Carmen teaches Mickey Rooney how to impersonate her, from January, 1942 Silver Screen magazine)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ( 3 stills)

The Man Who Came to Dinner (3 stills)

One Night in the Tropics (Photo of Abbott and Costello)

Road to Morocco, The(Cover of sheet music, photo of Quinn, Hope, Crosby)

Roberta (mdjr. drawing of fashion show, 3 stills and sheet music cover)

The Seven Year Itch (ad for film)

Star Trek ( photo from the depths of moviediva's collection)

Sun Valley Serenade (3 fan magazine photos)

That Night in Rio (drawings of Carmen Miranda and photo of Miranda)

The Three Ages (three photos of Buster Keaton).

The Women (drawing of Crawford as Crystal and photo of Virginia Weidler)

Ann Miller (B&W autographed photo)

Marilyn Monroe (drawing of Monroe, photo cover, Films in Review )

Jane Russell (color ad. portrait of Russell)