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Bye, Bye Birdie (1963) Directed by George Sidney. Ann-Margaret, Dick Van Dyke, Janet Leigh, Paul Lynde.

This is a movie about a scrawny girl in high school who has about as much animal magnetism as a water buffalo.She has to decide if she would rather go out with a blond headed buffoon from her school or kiss this almost lifeless imitation of Elvis. If she kisses him, her boyfriend (the buffoon) would drop her. If you ask me both of these choices are rather bad. She should switch schools immediately.

The best part in this whole movie is when her family sings "Ed Sullivan" because they are going to be on the tv show. Dick Van Dyke, who has an extremely good part in Mary Poppins has an extremely lame part in this movie. He and his no talent fiancee have been engaged for the longest time, and I can't even understand how they were engaged that long.

I hated this movie from the moment it started with a horrible redhead in yellow singing "Bye Bye Birdie" on a blue background in a screechy voice like Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday or Lina Lamont in Singing in the Rain.

The plot is stupid, the songs (with one exception) are trash and the actors are abominable. I hate this movie, never see it unless you want your understanding of movies ruined!


(Photo from All Talking, All Singing, All Dancing by John Springer (1966). This is moviediva, jr.s favorite film book).