One Night in the Tropics (1940) Directed by Edward Sutherland. Allan Jones, Nancy Kelly, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Robert Cummings (82 min.)

With this title you would think this would be a Carmen Miranda movie, but it stars Abbott and Costello in their first movie together.

This is about a guy who works for an insurance company. His best friend's engagement is dangling by a thread, so he insures it! But through certain circumstances he falls in love with the bride to be. The fiance was leading a double life when he fell in love with Cynthia. One of the other girls he was dating loves him. Her name is Mickey and she is very hardheaded and can take care of herself, and she is going to marry him if it is the last thing she does (that includes threats). Abbott and Costello's scenes don't link much into the main plot, but they are always worth a laugh.

Now, this movie was supposed to star Allan Jones, but when the shooting was over, the director came into the cutting room and said, "Did you do much cutting on this film?" "No." "Good, because I am putting in five more scenes with Abbott and Costello."

They also did their first "Who's on First?" act, but that is not their best scene by far. They have a scene where they argue about, can you guess? Mustard, of all things. Also, Abbott quits his job for a while. He is supposed to get a buck a day, working for a year, so that's $365.00. But Abbott keeps deducting money for things like an hour for lunch, and he ends up with a buck.


(Photo from April, 1979 Films in Review article, Jeffery Elliot interviews Bob Thomas about his book, Bud and Lou)